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Top 5 Dad’s Day Deals!

For many, Father’s Day is when we express gratitude to fathers and present them with gifts. While your dad might have a few things in mind, he most likely won’t be the first to come out and say what he really wants. So for the majority of us, it’s going to require some digging.

Every dad is different, of course, and maybe yours will just be happy with a nice heartfelt card, while others might be expecting a new bbq, a drill set or some other type of new tool. The good news is that most fathers really just want to spend time with their family.

As Father’s Day approaches, it seems to be the right time to highlight some of my favorite things: deals and dads! In my case they go hand-in-hand because my father was always looking to save, always looking for a great deal.

In that spirit I’ve put together my Top 5 Deals for Dad’s Day ranging from photography to fitness, so Father’s Day (and beyond) is centered around growing and making meaningful memories together. Plus, all 5 are deeply discounted for a real Dad’s Day DEAL.

Photography Lessons


This incredible set is perfect for that dad with the creative streak, whether he’s futzed around with a camera or always wish he did! Photography is such a big part of our world, and what better a way to learn about it and create art and memories than with a unique course done together. This set covers:

  • History of Photography
  • Exposure
  • Camera Settings
  • Lighting
  • Composition

It includes lesson plans, badges, and games. I think this is such a unique, meaningful and long lasting gift – and a serious deal at less than a quarter of the original price!

Original Price: $119 Deal: $24.95 (80% OFF)


Fitness: Language of Fitness & Nutrition

Father’s Day runs in tandem with summer – I love the idea of dad and the kids spending some time together outside being active! Some of my favorite memories are playing catch with my dad. This workbook is an affordable way to kick-start activity terms and tips.


It includes vocabulary, flash cards, color pages, and handwriting practice all centered around fitness and nutrition. Idea: instead of playing the basketball game “horse,” dad and kids can use a new fitness vocabulary word!

Original Price: $9.99 Deal: $3.99 (60% OFF)


Building Together: Tegu Blocks 40 Piece Set

Classic: building things with dad. These magnetic wooden blocks are a staple that come in interesting shapes and fun colors. They’re portable and can create whatever dad and kids think up!

tegu dark

Idea: set aside a few just for dad for his work station. If it’s the office he’ll think of the family – and have something creative for his desk. The kids can even create new shapes for him each week!

Original Price: $110 Deal: $82 (25% OFF)


Language Arts: 1-Year Subscription to PetraLingua Online Language Course

Learning a language can be challenging as an adult, but those who learn together succeed! I love the idea of choosing a language that’s meaningful to dad and creating family time around this course while learning together.


You can choose German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian for a full year’s worth of learning together. Idea: make a meal from the country of origin on Father’s Day!

Original Price: $53.99 Deal: $23.99 (54% OFF)


Finance: US Money Bundle

What would this round up be without a deal on finance?! I don’t know about you but I began learning the value of money when I got my hard earned allowance from dad.


This set has oodles of fun activities that help kids learn our monetary system and pave the way for meaningful conversations and responsible habits. It’s not always easy, but these graphics and games make it fun!

Original Price: $25 Deal: $7.99 (70% OFF)



To all fathers, know your role as a father. Always be there for your children. They need you to help sharpen their lives and look to a good future.  Wishing you all a wonderful Father’s Day with all those who play that role in your life!

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