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Basement Learning Space Makeover Before + After

Disclaimer: We partnered with Lakeshore Learning for this basement makeover project.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

At the start of the pandemic, I realized our home needed a larger designated space for learning and playing.  It took us two years to get it done, but we finally completed our basement makeover project.

Our basement was, how do I say this nicely – total crap! It was dark, musty, junky, and very uninviting.  It didn’t spark joy for any of us.


And now? It looks and feels like a bright and inviting learning space and play area combined.  My kids are so excited about it. And so am I!



  • Create a functional space that the kids can use to learn and play
  • Have a room that, post-pandemic, will still be cute and functional as a kid’s hangout/art room/project room, etc.


Once we cleared out all the junk and donated/sold what we no longer needed, the basement was blank canvas.  It was so refreshing to see how much space we have down there. We knew that for the space to work, we needed enough room for two kids to be able to work comfortably to do their schoolwork and projects.


  • Installed bookshelves
  • Added furniture, school supplies, and some decor
  • Changed the ceiling lights to LED lights
  • Made a “cozy corner” for independent reading time


Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the way our basement came out. I can already tell it’s making a stark difference in the way the kids do their schoolwork.  It will also serve as a homeschool space in the event we ever have to return to remote learning.

If you’re struggling to get settled into a learning space plan, I would highly suggest using any spare space that you might have (an under-used dining room, a spare bedroom, a basement). If you’re able to carve out a designated area for your kids to do their schoolwork, I would highly recommend it. If it can save you some sanity this year, it’s well worth the effort!

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