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Riley Knows He Can + A Book Giveaway!

We’re celebrating the second book in the “Riley Books” series which is entitled Riley Knows He Can.

Riley is excited about starring in his first school play – but his nerves keep getting the better of him. His Mummy and Daddy will be in the audience and Riley is excited that they’ll be there to watch him in his starring role as the wise king. In addition, Riley can’t wait to put on his costume – a kingly cape and crown! But he keeps getting overwhelmed by the butterflies in his tummy! What if he walks on the stage and freezes? Or what if he walks on the stage and sneezes? Thankfully, Riley’s big sister Ella is on hand. Not only did Ella help her little brother to practice his lines for the play, she also gives him the encouragement he needs to take to the stage with kingly confidence. With Ella’s help, Riley learns how to ditch the doubt and tell himself he can do it – because deep down, he knows he can!

Photo Credit: A Mum Reviews

The follow-up to 2017’s Riley Can Be Anything, Riley Knows He Can follows young Riley on a new and exciting journey of discovery. In this wonderful rhyming tale, our young hero learns, with the help of his big sister, how to conquer his fears by believing in himself.

The Giveaway!
We’re giving away three (3) copies of this book to three (3) different winners.  This giveaway is open to anyone age 18 and over internationally.  Good Luck!

Riley Knows He Can Book Giveaway!

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