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Jolene Adventures of a Junk Food Queen: A Book Giveaway!

I consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater.  I pride myself on eating a well balanced diet most days and drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day.  However, I do have days when I like to eat “not so healthy” foods including junk food.

As much as you want to hide from it, junk food will come and find you and your kids at some point in life. It’s inevitable.  Birthday parties. Vacations. Holidays. Grandparents.  Workplace celebrations.  Need I go on?

Of course, when kids are really young, parents (or caregivers) control what they eat completely.  However, as kids get a little older, it becomes more important to teach them how to make good choices for themselves.   That’s the overall message of the book Jolene Adventures of a Junk Food Queen by Alexa Palmer & Catharine Kaufman.

The book is based on the experiences of its authors: Alexa Palmer, a preschool teacher who noticed a need for a nutrition book tailored to the way she observes children absorb information, through fun and fantasy; and Catharine Kaufman, a nationally syndicated food columnist. Kids can relate to Jolene- she is a junk food junkie just like they might be. AND she is transformational in her eating habits. This similarity between the behaviors of the characters and the real-life tendencies of children is what attracts kids to the story.

At the back of the book are healthy smoothie recipes for the kids to make at home and with their friends, just like the main character Jolene does in the book.

Today, we’ve teamed up with the authors of this book to bring you this fun giveaway!  Enter below for your chance to win a copy of the book.  Good luck!

Publisher: Kaufman/Palmer
Pages: 60

Jolene loves junk food. She loves it so much she wears red licorice in her hair–and pink taffy underwear! The Munch Bunch calls her “The Junk Food Queen.” Then, one night in her dreams, she meets a bunch of cool characters who take her on an incredible, edible journey into a world of juicy fruits, super salads and yummy smoothies.

Jolene Adventures of a Junk Food Queen

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