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Why Your Child Hasn’t Developed a Love of Reading by First Grade

I learned to read while I was in preschool at the ripe age of four.  I don’t remember the methods that were used to teach me, but I do remember reading and literacy wasn’t seen as a big deal in my household.  I didn’t have someone who read stories every night before tucking me into bed.  Instead, once I learned how to read on my own I would read books and then fall asleep shortly after.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for books and reading.  When people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up my first response was, “I want to be a teacher!”  For me, being a teacher was a no-brainer since I loved to read and had a passion for helping others succeed from a very early age.  By being a teacher I had a desire to transform instruction so that children could become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.  My dreams of becoming a teacher never came to pass, however I believe making the decision to be an early literacy and learning consultant will help satisfy my desire.

Why Your Child Hasn't Developed a Love of Reading by First Grade
As an early literacy and learning consultant my goal is to offer a host of personalized learning, tools, feedback, and resources to parents who have prioritized their child’s early literacy.

Through my interactive, online workshops, I help you figure out your child’s reading stage and where he or she is going next. This enables you to tailor home literacy practices to your child’s unique strengths and needs.

During the months of October, November and December I’ll be offering a beta version of my very first workshop, “Why Your Child Hasn’t Developed a Love of Reading by First Grade” as a holiday special promotion for $47. Start a read aloud habit with your children and set your child up to have a successful school year. Let me show you how. I look forward to working with you!


Perks of joining us:

  • Exclusive Facebook group with like-minded parents/caregivers who are passionate about early literacy and helping their children
  • Reading tips to help your child become a better reader
  • Advance notice on upcoming board, picture and YA books (6-9 months before they hit the market)
  • Book giveaways
  • Fun read aloud challenges for kids

What makes you a good fit for this course:

  • You have a child ages birth – 7 years old
  • You are an expecting parent
  • You have a desire to help your child become a better reader or fall in love with reading and books
  • You are looking for good quality books for your children to read

Testimonials from previous courses:
“It was money well spent and would gladly recommend it to any parent!”

“It really helped to reiterate and tweak some of the things I’m already doing and enhance some of the things of the things some of the things I need to do more of with my kids.”

*No refunds will be offered for this course once you are enrolled.*

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Child Hasn’t Developed a Love of Reading by First Grade

  1. I absolutely love this. I’m a huge proponent in helping your childre build a love for reading. My son started to recognize words at 2 years old and now at 3 his reading has developed quite nicely. I think this program of yours is going to be great and such a huge need. Praying much success to you.