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Interactive Growth Charts for Kids Plus a Discount!

Sometimes when I look at my kids it doesn’t seem like they’re growing that much.  I think that’s because I see them everyday so I don’t notice the difference as much as a person who hasn’t seen them in a few months.  It’s only when I look back at photos from previous months/years that I notice they are in fact growing like weeds and it sort of makes me want to burst into tears!  I love the fact that they are growing and learning new things and coming into their own, but its happening so quickly.  If you’re a parent, I am sure you understand.

Since I never had an official growth chart growing up, I knew I wanted one for each of my children.  As a kid, I remember having a wall in our apartment where we would measure how tall we were. It was always so fun to see how much we had grown. But then we moved and the wall went away… as did our “growth chart.” I wanted something for my kids that could move with us, but was still simple and easy to store. The interactive growth chart from PaperRamma is perfect because it simply rolls up and you can store it away.

Here’s the proof image I received which shows the entire growth chart from top to bottom.

I recently came across PaperRamma and instantly fell in love with their interactive, info-graphic style growth charts for kids.  They are so beautiful, chic, and modern.  Gone are the days when you just used a growth chart to record your height…that’s so 20th century!  With this growth chart, you can keep track of milestones, favorite things, first words, birth stats, and more!


Each chart is customizable and printed on canvas. You can pick the colors, customize with your child’s name, pick a world or US map and can pick almost anything to put at the top for design from flowers to a graphic that fits your nursery decor.

I love the overall concept behind this growth chart – it’s a keepsake you can move from home to home (or room to room) with you.  You can also write down notes (using an oil-based marker or pen), add photos and remember all those cute and funny moments for the whole family to look back on.

My growth chart arrived within a few days in a sturdy cardboard package and I couldn’t wait to get it open!  Once out of the package, I was instantly impressed with it. The colors are beautiful and the design is flawless.  I can tell the chart was made to last.  Their design gurus use rich, vibrant inks which will help to preserve the design for years to come.

I truly love the interactive growth chart we received and it is so much nicer and more creative than the other charts I had been finding in stores and online.  I’m sure it’s something my children will also treasure for years to come.  Order a personalized growth chart for your little ones today before they grow any more!  Makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays, or baby showers.

Interested in ordering a chart?  Well, you’re in luck!  Our friends at PaperRamma have graciously provided a discount code for all of my readers to use.  Just visit their website to browse their collection and use the code READ10 in order to receive 10% off of their collection interactive growth charts.  Offer ends Jan 31, 2016.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary growth chart in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Your turn:  How do you guys document your kids growth and milestones… or do you?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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