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What I’m Reading (in April 2015)

Below are the two books I’m reading for the month of April.  I started reading another book, but didn’t like it so I picked up Gretchen Rubin’s latest book instead.  I’d love to hear what book(s) you’re reading this month.  Let me know in the comments if you care to share.

~Happy Reading!

Status: Finished

I read Gretchen’s other book, The Happiness Project years ago and loved it!  I’m hoping this book will be just as good if not better.  It’s supposed to answer the question, “How do we change our habits?”French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon

Status: Finished
As the cover of the book states, Karen Le Billon and her husband moved their family from North America to France where they “cured” picky eating, quit giving their kids snacks, and started living by 10 simple rules that eventually taught her kids to be happy eaters who eat healthy food.
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4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading (in April 2015)

  1. That looks like a great book. I'll add it to the list! I have so many unfinished books because I just didn't enjoy them. It feels wrong, like I'm giving up on a new relationship, but I'm glad I'm not the only one! :p I'll have to find it on audio book. Audio books save my life from the deathly long commute to work and the imminent road rage!

    I followed you on Blog Lovin'. I'm still new to this blog culture. It Blog Lovin' actually a "thing?"

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dana! I'm not sure what Blog Lovin' is, but the best way to follow the blog is to enter your e-mail address in the 'Subscribe by E-mail' box in the upper right hand corner. You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter if you'd like.