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Your Guide to Literary Road Trips Across America

Literary lions like Jack Kerouac and Tom Wolfe have long been known for their tales about the open road, specifically the American highway. In fact, their adventures represent far more than just taking to the pavement. The road is a wondrous place — a car being the visible expression of freedom, a drivers license the ticket and the cross-country route the destination.

Simply put, travel by car is at the heart of American culture — and beyond. From pioneers who chased the Gold Rush out west, to college students who long for summer road trips to young adults that drive home for the holidays, the idea of a road trip is ingrained in our culture. So, to celebrate this symbolism of freedom and the authors who’ve inspired us all, CarRentals mapped out their guide to literary road trips across America.

From short, in-state drives to daring cross-country adventures, this guide will inspire you to pick up these literary classics and possibly recreate each author’s experience.

Your turn: How fun would it be to recreate trips like these or create your own?  Have you ever done your own version of a literary road trip on your own or with others?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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