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5 Board Books Babies & Toddlers Will Love!

During this week’s library haul I scored some fantastic brand-new board books that I think infants and toddlers will love!  Ok, I must admit, I think I love them more than my kids, but they really do seem to enjoy these books too – especially my 21-month old son.  If you follow us on Instagram, you may have already seen three of these books on our page.



All of these books are durable and high-quality.  Oh, and did I mention I think they are gorgeous and so creative?  Did I pique your interest yet?  Read on.

A B See by Elizabeth Doyle
My kids adore alphabet books especially this beautiful gem by Elizabeth Doyle.  Each page contains detailed illustrations and is chock-full of interesting alphabetic tidbits.  This book is also a seek-and-find with alliterative text that reads like poetry.  Each of the letters are raised making it fun for kids to trace them with their fingers similar to sand paper letters used in Montessori education.  There is also a key provided at the back of the book which contains all of the words that match each tiny picture hidden throughout.

I Can Roar! by Frank Asch
We had so much fun with this adorable, engaging book!  It’s a tall board book has a circular die-cut hole, perfect for toddlers to hold up and stick their tiny faces through. The pages feature Asch’s simply outlined animal shapes and declarative sentences, such as “I can squeak like a mouse” and “I can quack like a duck.” Sure to be great fun for young children.

LOOK! by Edouard Manceau
Here is another oversize board book with a rectangular die-cut in the middle of the book.  Children are asked a series of questions like: Do you see anything red, orange, blue or green?  Things that are near and things that are far?  The book gets more creative as you move through it, with a velcro page that invites readers to look for things in their own world that make noise, a shiny page, and even one covered in orange velvet that is soft to the touch.  Brilliant!

Jane Foster’s ABC by Jane Foster
I think this alphabet book is so visually appealing!  The illustrations are so bright, vibrant and downright eye-catching!  It’s no surprise the illustrator of this book is also a textile designer.  Babies and toddlers will be drawn to all the beautiful colors.

Jane Foster’s 123 by Jane Foster
Here is another gorgeous board book that little ones are sure to love!  My only issue with this book is that it only has the numbers 1 to 10.  I wish it went at least up to number twenty.  Still a great book though for little ones who love board books.

There you have it!  These books are great to read aloud to young readers and will make great baby shower, birthday or new baby gifts.

Your turn: Did you enjoy this list of new board books?  What others might you add to this list?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “5 Board Books Babies & Toddlers Will Love!

    1. Yes, it’s sometimes difficult for me to find good board books at my local library too. That’s why I was so psyched when I found these brand new ones. They are all so good! I hope you found some books at the book sale!