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Episode 12
August 20, 2021

Do It Yourself Public Relations with Author, CEO and “PR Ninja” Nikkia McClain

In her former career, Nikkia McClain worked as a successful real estate agent in which she managed million-dollar properties. After several years of helping clients realize their real estate dreams, Nikkia wanted to explore other opportunities aligned to her personal goals to pursue a career in marketing and public relations – a very bold decision given Nikkia had no background in the two fields. She established her marketing and public relations firm, TENÉ NÍCOLE, and she put her knowledge and creative skills to work immediately, carving out her path to becoming successful.

Nikkia raised the level of conversation and opportunities for clients and garnered key relationships to enhance their publicity via television, magazine, and radio. Her efforts continue to maximize the level of exposure clients receive on a national and international level. Since pursuing her dream of building her very own well-known, recognized brand, she has experienced tremendous success. Black Enterprise Magazine touted her as a PR maven. Her firm has represented a roster of past and current clients including Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 companies and notable multi-million-dollar brands.

Nikkia has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine as a PR Maven and is the recipient of several awards for her outstanding work in public relations.  From her book DIY PR, readers will obtain a roadmap for success and the confidence to embark on their own journeys into PR.

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