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Parents Best Children’s Books 2021: My Favorites

Parents Magazine has unveiled their list of “Best” Children’s Books of 2021.  This is their 13th annual list!  Below, I’ve chosen to highlight some of my favorites from their list.  I’ve read all the books listed below except for the board book Washer and Dryer’s Big Job which I fully intend to order and read because…laundry.  I enjoy doing laundry.

Spy any books you want to add to your book wish list?

Board Books for Ages 0-3

Washer and Dryer’s Big Job

Count to Love: Bright Brown Baby

Picture Books for Ages 3 – 8

Outside, Inside

Uma Wimple Charts Her House

Bear is a Bear

Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race

Chapter Books for Ages 8 – 12

Stamped (For Kids)

Sisters of the Neversea

Best Books for Teens


Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales

You can find the full list of books selected by Parent’s Magazine by clicking here.