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I’m passionate about teaching people just like you understand the importance of daily reading and having diversity in literature. Through years of reading and research on my own, along with my own firsthand experience being a parent, I decided to develop an online academy to help people like you and pass on the knowledge I’ve learned over the years.

I help parents, caregivers, grandparents, homeschoolers, librarians & educators create a diverse library at home or school so they can teach the children in their lives about the importance of diversity, inclusion and the power of reading.

I would LOVE to have you join us in this challenge – taking your read aloud routine with the children in your lives to the next level AND helping diversify your bookshelf!

I currently offer two different packages for your convenience:

Package #1 – Show me the books, the discounts AND author/illustrator chats!

Price: A one-time annual investment of $20

Who is this package ideal for?
People who want to receive early access to my popular “Ultimate Diverse Children’s Book List”.  I open up early access to my list every year starting that the end of May.  I’ve been publishing this list for the past three years since I started my blog and it’s always a huge hit.  I’m currently working on my 2019 list which continues to grow on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.  You can see examples of my lists here, here and here.

By receiving early access to my list, you will receive a link to the page and password to access it.  Please be respectful and do not share this password with others.

This package also includes access to my list of brand partners who offer exclusive discounts and coupons to members of my Academy.  All of our brand partners believe in embracing diversity and inclusion.  You can save on beauty products for kids (and adults), books, subscription boxes and more!  These discounts are available to use if I continue to have brand partnerships with the listed brands.  Use the discounts to shop year-round for gifts for your family and friends!

Note:  Gaining early access to my yearly ultimate lists will be available for access starting at the end of May every year.  For example, you will be able to gain early access to my 2020 list beginning in late May 2019 and pay another one-time $20 annual investment.

Lastly, you will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook group AND have access to join our LIVE monthly author and illustrator online chats.  I schedule chats with popular authors and illustrators who believe in diversity in literature.  In July 2018, we will be speaking with author Susan Verde!

Package #2 – Help Me Diversify My Library!

Price: $97 (Payable in one lump sum or two payments of $49)

What makes you a good fit for this package?

  • You are a parent raising children of color ages 0-7
  • You have a child (of any race) ages birth – 7 years old and have a desire to diversify your library
  • You are an expecting parent
  • You are an educator or librarian who wants to enhance and diversify your library
  • You have a desire to help your child ages 0-7 become a better reader or fall in love with reading and books
  • You are looking for good quality diverse books for children to read

This package is part of the soft 30-day launch in preparation for my forthcoming e-course entitled: Colorful Literacy: How to Diversify Your Bookshelf.

During my initial soft 30-day course launch, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Benefits of Reading Aloud
  • Early Literacy Tips and Skills
  • Stages of Reading
  • Answers to the Most Common Reading and Literacy Questions Received
  • Keys to Help Your Child Become a Good Reader
  • Why Math Matters at Home
  • Literacy Statistics
  • Diversifying Your Library
  • Tips for Struggling Readers
  • Reading Resources and Apps for Kids including diverse resources
  • Here Wee Read Academy Exclusive Brand Discounts and Coupons

What’s In It For Me?  What are some of the perks of joining your academy?

1) Learn different resources and tips to help you diversify your home or school library

2) Make more meaningful connections so you can have fun experiences with children ages 0-7 through books

3) Receive tips to establish (or enhance) a daily read aloud habit with children

4) Attend weekly LIVE group coaching (or one-on-one coaching) to answer your questions and provide guidance  Time Period: 30 days (Also includes e-mail support)

5) Gain access to a private group of like-minded individuals all passionate about reading and diversity

6) Receive exclusive discounts to use with different kid-friendly brand partners who cater to people raising children of color

7) Have access to printable customized book lists, recommended authors and publishers who cater to children of color, and checklists to help you create a literacy-rich and diverse library

8) Be allowed to participate in exclusive book giveaways only shared with academy members

9) Get advance notice on upcoming diverse board, picture and chapter books (6-9 months before they hit the market) – Early access to my ultimate list of diverse books

10) Be the first to know when my e-course launches on a course platform

11) Gain access to our LIVE online group author/illustrator chats

Testimonials from previous courses

“It was money well spent and would gladly recommend it to any parent!”

“It really helped to reiterate and tweak some of the things I’m already doing and enhance some of the things of the things some of the things I need to do more of with my kids.”

Sounds great!  How can I get started with either of these packages?

Package #1 Instructions

Please send an email to me at:

If you only want access to Package #1 please put “HWR Package One” in the subject of your email.  In your email please provide the best e-mail address to use for sending you an invoice via PayPal.

Once I receive your e-mail I will send you a PayPal invoice and upon receiving your $20 payment I will send you the links and passwords needed.

Package #2 Instructions

Please send an email to me at:

If you want access to Package #2 please put “HWR Package Two” in the subject of your email.  In your email please provide the best e-mail address to use for sending you an invoice via PayPal.

Once I receive your e-mail I will send you a PayPal invoice and upon receiving your $97 payment or $47 payment (if paying in two payments) I will send you the links and passwords needed for early access to my list and access to the brand partner discounts page.

I will also grant you access to our private community and send you information about our first LIVE group coaching call.  The time will be determined based on the best time for a majority of the group to meet.  In the event you cannot attend the group coaching calls, you have the option to set up an individual coaching call as well.