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Black History Picture Book Bingo + Free Downloads!

I am SO excited to share these Black History Picture Book Bingo cards with you!  When I came across author Kathy Ellen Davis’s Picture Book Bingo on Instagram, I immediately shared it with my Instagram audience.  I then reached out to Kathy and asked if she would create a Black History themed bingo card for me and she kindly said YES!

If you’ve never played book bingo before, it’s pretty easy and straightforward.  Just read books to correspond with the categories on the card.  I’d recommend it for anyone who:

  • Enjoys reading
  • Likes reading new types of books they wouldn’t normally read
  • Likes to be challenged
  • Is a consistent and dedicated enough reader to complete the challenge

Most of all, book bingo is about having FUN – even if you don’t complete the entire bingo card due to that thing called “life” we all live.  Really, though, if you enjoy books, I highly recommend giving this a shot at least one time through.  You can do it on your own, with your own children/grandchildren, other family members, friends or with your students.

To create these bingo cards, I came up with different categories of books and Kathy was generous enough to hand letter them on her own!  I have a huge list of other categories that are not included on these cards so expect to see other versions of these bingo cards on occasion throughout the year.

I think book bingo is a wonderful opportunity for kids (and adults) to have fun while reading, along with adding an extra incentive to complete the BINGO card.  Have you played book bingo before?

Download the Black History Month Picture Book Bingo Card here

Download the Black History Picture Book Bingo Card here

Why two different versions?

Use the Black History Month Picture Book Bingo card if you want to use it ONLY during the month of February which is Black History Month.

Use the Black History Picture Book Bingo card if you want to use it any time during the year.

Make sense?

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Happy Reading!



Your turn: Do you find these Bingo cards to be helpful?  Will you participate and try it?  Feel free to share in the comments.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and perhaps see photos of your completed Bingo cards!  If you share about this, use the hashtag #bhpbingo so I’ll see your posts.

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3 thoughts on “Black History Picture Book Bingo + Free Downloads!

  1. Hi Charnaie!! I have only just found the link for the Bingo Cards but I am getting the message ‘blocked plug-in’ on a black screen. I’ve never seen that before! Could you please help?


    1. Hi Trudy!

      It works fine on my end. It sounds like you may have your pop up blocker turned on. If so, you’ll need to disable it in order to download the bingo card. Hope that helps!